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Data Journalism Fundamentals MOOC 2017


To re-run the Massive Online Open Course “Data Journalism Fundamentals” to reach even more Asian students and journalists. In the last course iteration, students had suggested languages they would like to see the course in. Based on these suggestions and the demographics of students last time, we decided to translate the course into Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Hindi and Korean, to specifically make the course material easier for journalists and students speaking those languages.




completion rate


  • China 33.45% 33.45%
  • South Korea 32.62% 32.62%
  • Hong Kong 9.34% 9.34%
  • India 4.16% 4.16%

The Results

The MOOC ran with over 2000 students this time and the top four student demographical regions were China, Korea, Hong and India, our exact targets for the new language support added.