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User Interface Construction Project

This prototype was the class project for the User Interface Construction course taken in Fall 2018 as part of my Masters courses. It was a group project with four people. The initial prompt was to create an app that facilitated the application for ID card in Namibia. The target users were Namibian residents who had to come to a hypothetical station where they could submit their application for an ID card using a smartphone.

Tools & methods used:

 – Sketch to make the initial screens

– Axure for form validation, navigation, user flow for each use case and prototyping

Axure Prototype: HERE

The Process:

The prototype was customised to mimic a real application as much as possible. The initial design mock-ups were created in Sketch and Axure was used to add in form filling, the interactions from one screen to the next as well as error checking. Multiple cases and validation of conditions were used to ensure that all different types of user’s inputted the required information for their specific profile ( this was mainly what I worked on in the final prototype). I also worked on creating the mock-ups for the fingerprint sensor screens.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for our group, as we all learnt to use Axure through this project and also learn to apply user interaction guidelines on a prototype.

Below you can find the walkthrough videos for 2 different use cases for this app: